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Our ultra premium, American Made CBD Gummies are lab tested and designed for focus, athletic recovery and sleep aid


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The Galaxy Rx team strives everyday to provide our clients with the industry-leading, ultra-premium CBD products to assist them throughout their day. From lab testing each batch of our American Made CBD Gummies to providing the best customer service, we know our customers will not only be satisfied with our products but will be clients for life.

Featured CBD Gummy Products

Comet Berry Focus

Focus & Stress Relief

Comet Berry Focus CBD Gummies provide mental clarity and focus plus stress relief without caffeine or a sugar crash! 


Recovery & Pain Relief

Like CBD, CBG has been used to combat pain without having the intoxicating effect of cannabinoids like THC. Find out with Blue Moon Recovery CBG Gummies!


Melatonin + CBD Sleep Aid

More than just sleep,  melatonin  can help prevent obesity, cancer, diabetes and heart disease. Get better sleep with our Northern Lights CBD + Melatonin Gummies!

Premium CBD Products

Take Your Health Into Your Hands
Lab Tested & Quality CBD Products

Galaxy Rx’s CBD gummies are lab-tested after each batch are produced, giving the upmost consumer confidence in our products and the Galaxy Rx Brand.

American Made CBD Products

Galaxy Rx’s CBD gummies are crafted with American-made CBD oil and formulated to support calm, sleep, and recovery to help our clients throughout their day.

CBD Gummy Products That Work

Our product selection offers CBD solutions for all needs! Focus CBD to help through the workday without needing sugary energy drinks, Recovery for after the gym soreness and Sleep-aid for a gentle dose of Melatonin for a full night’s rest.

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